Sizing Guide

There is no international standard for clothing sizing, and sizes tend to vary from country to country. This Sizing Guide was created with an aim to give you general information about our products’ sizing range, and is not intended to provide sell-advice. The products we are offering in-store and online are within the scope of this Sizing Guide.

The purpose of the following Size Chart is for our customers to be able to know what size to order to best fit them. However, each body has its own unique shape. Thus, while you choosing your size please consider the other aspects of the particular product also, such as design, cut, fit, fabric content, etc.

  • If you have any questions regarding specific measurements, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

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Sizing Guide by Product Category

Bra Fitting Guide

Bra-sizing System

There is no unified global bra-sizing and labelling system, it vary from country to country. Most of the time, the sizing and labelling systems are not easily understood which create confusion for customers. Even manufacturers from the same country are using different bra-sizing systems.

We are using the most common North American bra-sizing and labelling system standards, which have been explained below. All tags attached to the physical products and all sizes published at our eStore are corresponding to this North American bra-sizing and labelling system. 

What is 'Bra Size' consisting of? Read more here

Panties Sizing Guide

To ensure a proper fit, you'll need to take 2 simple measurements: your waist and hips. Visit our Panties Sizing Guide for more info.