Bra Fitting Guide

Bra-sizing System

Variations between countries and brands makes it difficult to understand the individual sizing systems used for bras, resulting in confusion among customers. There is no universal sizing and labelling system globally.

Our products adhere to the most prevalent North American sizing and labeling standards. All tags that accompany the physical items, as well as all sizes provided at our eStore, are compliant with this North American sizing and labeling system.

What is 'Bra Size' consisting of?

Bra size is a combination of letter and number. The number portion of the size (for example, 34C) represents your 'Band Size', or the measurement around your rib cage just below your breasts. The letter portion of your bra size represents your 'Cup Size' (for example, 34C). Simply, Bra Size = Band Size + Cup Size.

How to determine your Bra Size online?

Stand up straight while taking measurement, and it would be helpful wearing your best fitting unpadded soft cup bra. The band should be parallel to the ground and should not ride up. Straps should be snug with some tension. The following two easy steps will help you to find your bra size:

Step 1: Band Size

- Wrap a tape measure around your ribcage, just beneath the lower edge of the bra. The tape measure should be straight across your back and held snug, but not tight. ​

- Take a measurement and write down the number. 

- Round the measured number to the closest whole inch. For example, if is 30 1/4 inches round it to 30 inches, or if is 30 3/4 inch round it to 31 inches.

- Find the rounded number into the yellow part of the chart below. 

The result is your Band Size

Step 2: Cup Size

​​- Wrap a tape measure over the fullest part of your bust. 

- Take the measurement and write down the number.

- Round this number to the closest whole inch. For example, if is 36 1/4 inches round it to 36 inches, if is 36 3/4 inch round it to 37 inches.

- Find the rounded number into the blue part of the chart below. 

The result is your Cup Size.

Band Size + Cup Size = Bra Size

For example:

Step 1: If your band measurement is a 31", then your Band Size will be 34.

Step 2: If your bust measurement is a 37", then your Cup Size will be ​C.

The Bra Size will be: ​34 + C = 34C.