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What is Makò Cotton?

Makò cotton is a premium quality extra-long staple cotton variety. Mainly, Makò cotton grows and it is produced in Egypt. It has a thread length of between 30-38mm which is destined for the highest quality cotton fabrics. These type of fibers are relatively rare and represent only 2% of world cotton production. This extraordinary Egyptian cotton spins into much smoother, finer and stronger yarn than other species of widely used short staple cotton. 

Though known since antiquity, the commercial growing of cotton in Egypt started in 1820's following a enterprising Frenchman Monsieur Louis Alexis Jumel. He discovered in a fine garden at City of Cairo in Egypt, belonging to a Bey (Arab Nobleman title) by the name MAKO EL ORFALI, some neglected plants with large and showy yellow flowers, which has been placed there merely as beautification. The long and thick bushes were Gossypium barbadense (Latin name), a species of cotton plant that have extra-long staple fibers. After many years of observation and experiments Jumel started planting and exporting Makò cotton from Egypt to the French market.

This high quality, soft, and silk-like cotton was named as "MAKÓ COTTON" after the owner of the garden where Jumel first discovered those plants. Makò cotton can also be found named as "JUMEL" or simply "EGYPTIAN COTTON".

The most quality cotton products on the market around the world are made with Makò cotton. Visit our E-Store and using the Top & Camisole filter you can find products made out of Egyptian Makò cotton.

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